Moons of the Solar System
Summer School
June 26-30, 2023

An introduction to the Summer School

The Origins Institute at Aix-Marseille University does forefront scientific and technological research with the mission of contributing to our understanding of the origins of planetary systems, as well as the conditions of emergence of life, and the characterization of possible habitats in other planetary environments.

Our institute organizes an international Summer School for Master and PhD students, as well as early career scientists, every year over the summer, usually between end of June and mid-July. The 2023 international Summer School will be dedicated to the study of solar system moons, but a different topic will be proposed for each year. Students from everywhere have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, network with researchers and use the experience acquired for their thesis, PhD or post-doc research in the future.

The Summer School Moons of the Solar System, organized in collaboration with the European Astrobiology Institute, is scheduled for June 26-30, 2023 at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France. Admission is competitive; only 45 students will attend the program. A short letter of motivation is required for each registration.

– Master students
– PhD candidates
– Postdoctoral researchers

Priorities will be given to students and postdocs working on related domains.


700 euros.

The fee covers participation to all sessions, school materials, study visits, meals and accommodation.
A few fellowships will be offered.

The Moons of the Solar System Summer School at a glance

Run by the Origins Institute at Aix-Marseille University, this summer school will provide a unique platform for access both basic knowledge and frontier researches at the broad aspects of sciences related to the study of the moons of the Solar System. The addressed domains include cosmochemistry, space physics, astrobiology, geophysics, geology, formation, and more. We will learn through lectures and practicals from our Lecturers as well as from each other in discussions and through a series of student presentations as part of the student conference

Lecturers (list to be updated):

  • Michel Blanc
  • Alexis Bouquet
  • John Carter
  • Isabelle Couturier
  • Grégoire Danger
  • Wolf Geppert
  • Anders Johanssen
  • Kathleen Mandt
  • Olivier Mousis
  • Frank Postberg
  • Olga Prieto Ballesteros
  • Pierre Vernazza
  • Audrey Vorburger


  • Sophia Sulis
  • Alizée Amsler
  • Olivier Mousis
  • Jean-Charles Ize


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